As a law practice concept, the mere existence of Carolina Craft Legal is a testament to the realized local growth and abounding entrepreneurial opportunity across our state. We have a distinct appreciation for the North Carolina alcoholic beverage scene and its intersection with local economy. What better lens to look through to engage with North Carolina's small business landscape than the one anchoring its upward trend here at home?

Craft breweries, distilleries, cideries, wineries, and mead producers alike face dynamic challenges to achieving business success. Sourcing ingredients, constructing taprooms, cultivating brands, scaling production, and navigating applicable laws each merit their own professional consideration. It is that commitment to collaboration with each other and with other trades and the passion for delivering an experience to complement the product that ultimately elevates local communities socially, economically and even politically.

At the core of Carolina Craft Legal is the passion for the delivery of legal services to businesses and the experience of facilitating their collaboration with other entrepreneurs. It would thus be insufficient for us to acknowledge the latter without endeavoring to make that sensibility palpable to the public. Therein lies the purpose of this blog:

  • to provide regulatory clarity and legislative updates;
  • to develop helpful, productive narratives for clients, consumers, businesses, and readers within relevant industries;
  • to encourage business owners and prospective business owners to approach legal counsel with confidence;
  • to collaborate meaningfully with professionals beyond the legal industry; and
  • to build trust.

This is indeed a promise and an invitation. We practice law. Sometimes we practice other things, but not nearly as well. As we develop this blog from our legal perspective, we want to collaborate with those who, too, are passionate about what they practice. Having said that, if you have insight you feel aligns with the purpose and are so inclined, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We sincerely appreciate you scrolling by. Until next week. Cheers!