PODCASTING has quickly become a new favorite of mine. Though I've only been fortunate enough to sit down on a couple thus far, I am finding that conversation is the most effective way to get at the heart of topics and issues we care about. If you're like me, throwing on a pair of headphones is also a superior way to absorb new information in a multi-tasking world.

This week I had the opportunity to ease my way into Hickory, North Carolina, and sit down with Jeff Neuville, the Director of the Small Business Center at Catawba Valley Community College, and Gary Muller, the Businesss Programs Department Head of Catawba Valley Community College and long time CPA. Their podcast, Entrepreneur Exchange, connects business owners, entrepreneurs, and business experts with the goal of sharing tools and tips to assist new businesses get up and running and existing small business grow and prosper in a challenging and constantly evolving economy. Here's a direct link to our episode.

Our discussion covered a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time. We began the podcast with a look at technology's role in encouraging successful entrepreneurship and moved into an overview of Carolina Craft Legal as a firm and the types of clients we represent. Jeff and Gary quizzed me on what sorts of legal issues startup businesses should be thinking about as they get up and running, the distinctions between the various types of entity choices, and the function of what many business owners understand as the "corporate veil." As we moved through these topics, I took a stab at explaining the importance of governing documents in creating operational stability for any company and what steps businesses should take in an effort to get formally organized.

Of course, the podcast would not be complete without a look at craft beer and spirits and the legal road map necessary forming a successful operation. We spoke here about the distinctions between businesses in each of the three tiers in North Carolina and just how tricky compliance with alcoholic beverage laws can sometimes be.

The show rounded out with my personal experience with entrepreneurship. Jeff gave me some airtime to discuss what its like running a startup and working with startups at the same time. I talked about my own difficulties with regard to marketing as an attorney, as well as some of the other challenges I've faced as a startup business. I tried my best to consolidate those thoughts into some practical advice for the listeners. I even attempted to answer whether I ever see myself working in a big corporate firm.

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My offering for their Small Business of the Month segment is Beer Co., in downtown Greensboro. The owner, Josh, has been very cool to me since I landed here and began setting the foundation for Carolina Craft Legal. If you're in the area, I urge you to stop by one afternoon, grab a beverage and enjoy the small family of patrons he's assembled.

As always, Carolina Craft Legal is committed to providing startups and entrepreneurs with business counsel on a variety of legal issues, from forming the business to protecting the brand. Drop us an email, schedule a consultation, or give us a call. We're passionate about entrepreneurship and happy to provide you with confidence in your legal status so your business can focus on growth.

Until next week. Cheers!