Part I

EXPRESSED in “Foreword” as a major tenet of this blog is meaningful collaboration with professionals beyond the legal industry. Indeed, entrepreneurship today is as emergent as the technology we employ in its successful pursuit. This week, DJ Hargrave and I embark on a multi-part series aimed at stitching together the fabrics of our respective businesses.

DJ is one of the up-and-coming entrepreneurs I connected with while sitting as a panelist for High Point University’s March Entrepreneurial Roundtable. He is the founder of Tailor Made Style (, a platform for modern menswear influencers to showcase their sartorial inclinations through sponsored posts and editorial contributions. More importantly, DJ is the prototype for the business of fashion in 2016—and an ideal client. His seamless leverage of social media to mobilize more than 6,000 followers not only highlights technology’s role in expediting growth, but also the idea that successful entrepreneurs are looking to legal counsel earlier on to effectively manage and protect that growth. Of course, Carolina Craft Legal’s value proposition from the outset has been to act as such counsel, posturing innovative solutions and urging a level of business sophistication that accommodates our clients’ need for flexibility. 

We spoke at length about our respective experiences with entrepreneurship, the natural evolution of both of our fields and ultimately found collaboration to be an intuitive outlet for us both. The break is perfect: DJ tailors Carolina Craft Legal’s virtual presence to expand our client universe as Carolina Craft Legal takes the legal measures to move the Tailor Made brand from en vogue to heritage. You, the reader, get a transparent view of just how much more there is to the process than meets the eye.

Over the course of the next four weeks, DJ and I will publish this conversation, piece-by-piece. As any consultation would begin, DJ will explain to us the business of Tailor Made Style—its background, its composition, its strengths, its needs and its aspirations. More plainly, how fashion is monetized through social media. The week following, we will pitch legal infrastructure—the mechanisms for independence and liability protection, sound internal management, role delegation and entrepreneurial empowerment. Week 3 will break down the layers of brand protection and how DJ can assure his following and corporate partners that what they consume and contract for is without question Tailor Made. In the final installment of this series, DJ will style Carolina Craft Legal’s social media presence around an attorney’s ethical obligations to depart from their historical absence from mobile platforms.

It’s been an absolute pleasure taking creative agency over the substance of our lifestyles. We look forward to taking you on this journey and exposing you to the intersection between form and function.

Until next week. Cheers!